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Another crisis, same despair

Oh, Curaçao. Sigh. My mom when she called me earlier in the evening and I asked how she was (I hadn't heard anything about the turmoil yet): “Mi ju, bo mama ta tristu. Ta meskos ku ta Trinta di Mei. ' (My child, your mother is sad, it is May 30th again).

She was referring to Trinta di Mei 1969, the day Willemstad was on fire

I won't forget the anxiety in her voice.

Talking about triggers.

Look for the differences.

The top photo is #TrintadiMei1969: then dissatisfied Shell workers took to the streets.

The next photo is now: frustrated employees from the garbage collection service making their demands known.

51 years later, another crisis, same despair.

Together one kingdom

How do we tackle the crisis on the islands? Certainly not like, says this commentary in the Antilliaans Dagblad. I happen to agree. Together one kingdom, wasn't it?

"Governments on both sides of the ocean must look each other in the eye and take responsibility for removing this hopelessness. This must be done through sacrifices and reforms, but not by constantly cutting left and right haphazardly, as the IMF also indicates. However, especially by investing in a realistic perspective. Apart from the debate about autonomy, by Curacao and the Netherlands. "

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